Il Vigneto


Welcome to Il Vigneto!

This small and friendly agritourism farm and farmhouse offer guests an excellent opportunity to experience countryside life and its agreeable pace. Il Vigneto, located at the top of the hill of Colle Marozzo, 400 metres high, has been owned in the past by several religious orders and was a place of rest and care for nuns in sickness, as it was always considered to be a place with a dry and ventilated climate.

In the middle of the 1800s, the house became part of the assets of the “Congregation of Charity“. At the end of the century, Giovanni Battista Leonetti Luparini, an agricultural engineer, bought the house together with some of the land around it. He improved the crops, and also diversified them, while also entrusting the management of the business first to the Scarabottini family and then, until now, to the Marchi family, who have been improving and increasing the production of wine and oil.

The farmhouse has been kept intact both in size and structure, whereas the interior has been carefully modernised with all the improvements necessary to ensure that it is suited for its new tourism and hospitality functions. The work of Giovanni Battista Leonetti Luparini has therefore been attentively and professionally continued by his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.